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RPM Power Engine Management

CANChecked Display for Mini Cooper (2007-2013)

CANChecked Display for Mini Cooper (2007-2013)

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Default features:

  • 2.8 inch capacitive touch display
  • OBD 2 values, which the engine control unit outputs, can be displayed
  • 8GB SD card memory
  • Up to 10 freely configurable pages
  • Connection via Can-Bus and serial interface
  • 4 analog inputs for 0 - 5V sensors (e.g. oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature (with adapter) and boost pressure)
  • Gear shift flash optional
  • Performance meter (measure times e.g. 100-200 km/h)
  • Individual minimum and maximum warning values
  • Popup function when exceeding or falling below values
  • Screen brightness adjustable

Please note, for Data logging, a license key is required to be purchased directly from, it is not offered as default!

For more detailed product info, and software download to operate this device, please visit

Please note that ongoing firmware development is in progress for this unit, and all updates will be provided to customers free of charge.

We are currently working on implementing Water/Methanol Injection control into this unit. Updates on available upgrades will be provided as we continue to work on this feature, with no specific estimated time of arrival (ETA) at this time.

The screen mounting replaces the driver side vent to facilitate a quick and easy installation process while still allowing airflow. The unit is designed to withstand high temperatures from HVAC airflow and varying outside weather conditions.

The display is capable of showcasing various OBD2 values outputted by the engine control unit, including RPM, battery voltage, water temperature, intake temperature, ignition angle, lambda, enrichment, exhaust gas temperature, turbocharger boost pressure, water cooler temperature, ambient temperature, speed, and more.

Users can customize their own template and set triggers for warnings such as engine overheating conditions or high intake temperatures.

Support will be available from our team as well as from Canchecked. We will make every effort to assist you in a timely manner to meet your setup needs within the hardware limitations.

Currently, our template is focused on the R400ts unit paired with a standalone ECU for Flex Fueling support. This product will also be offered to the public in the near future.