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CANChecked MFD15 Gauge for Mini Cooper (2007-2013)

CANChecked MFD15 Gauge for Mini Cooper (2007-2013)

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CANChecked MFD15 Gauge for Mini Cooper (2007-2013)
The CANChecked MFD15 Gauge is a plug-and-play configuration for all Mini Cooper models from 2007 to 2013.

As a Gen2 Mini owner, you're likely aware that the factory didn't install any significant gauges to inform you about basic yet crucial factors such as coolant temperature. This often leads to receiving warnings about potential problems when it's already too late to prevent damage, such as overheating.

This setup provides all the valuable information that's missing from the factory setup. But that's not all - it even allows you to set temperature thresholds. This means you can find out if your Mini is overheating well before it reaches critical levels, saving your car from potential damage and you from unnecessary extra expenses.

The CANChecked MFD15 Gauge provides all the necessary information without cluttering your dashboard. It's sleek, compact, and doesn't distract from the classic Mini Cooper aesthetic. With its clear and concise display, it's like having a high-tech co-pilot right on your tachometer. No need for multiple gauges or a Christmas tree of lights - just one simple, smart device that keeps you informed .

This is the perfect setup for those who appreciate simplicity, and OEM+ style.

Very simple install, making it accessible even for those who aren't mechanically inclined.

It only operates when the engine is on and goes to sleep when the engine is off. It ensures that it won't drain your battery if left plugged into the OBD2 connector.

Items included with the purchase order:

- OBD2 Plug and Play Cable
- CANChecked MFD15 Gauge
- Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket to Mini Cooper Tach
- Wiring Cover
Default Features:
- The gauge displays parameters from DME such as intake temperature, coolant temperature, boost, air fuel ratio, throttle, load, long-term fuel trims, short-term fuel trims, ignition timing, MAF, and more.
- Supports direct connection to external sensors for oil pressure, oil temperature, ethanol sensor, exhaust temperature sensor.
- Comes with a default, universal to OBD2 settings gauge template.
- Connection to the gauge is available via Wi-Fi through any browser, allowing for customization of settings and warning light based on preferences.
Important Information:
- Boost Value is limited to can protocol at 22.5PSI or 255KPA. If your application boosts over these values, an external boost sensor will have to be wired in. (Available to purchase at extra cost)
- Data logging is possible with this gauge, but a license key needs to be purchased directly from the CANChecked website as it is not offered by default.
Further Information:
To find out more about gauge operation, download and browse the manual from CANChecked. It contains all the answers to your questions.
Here is the link