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Plug and Play Oil Cooler Upgrade for Mini Cooper S/JCW N14B16C/N18B16C Engines

Please specify with your order the year and model of you Mini Cooper so we can supply the correct mounting hardware required. There are few types or crush bars in these cars and we supply hardware to accommodate any production year.

Product list supplied with purchase order:

  • CNC machined adapter plate to OEM filter housing (featuring two -10ORB to -10AN Fittings, and one 1/8NPT port for oil pressure or oil temperature sensor)
  • Stainless steel install bolts, nuts, washers, 1/8npt plug if sensor port is not used.
  • Oil cooler (featuring CNC machined end tanks from billet aluminum T6 6061 with two ports -10ORB, two upper and lower mounting bosses)
  • Two mounting brackets to space out oil cooler to coolant radiator
  • Two mounting brackets to connect to oil cooler to bumper bar
  • Braided stainless steel reinforced -10 AN oil lines with -10AN hose ends, hoses wrapped in heat protection sleeves.

At extra cost, we can anodize the entire Oil Cooler in black, this will add extra protection to the core, meaning it will last a long time in any harsh environment, as as a bonus, a stealth look! Service is offered at 147USD, please mention in your notes, and a separate invoice will be generated in the back ground.

Lead time for this service may take up to 10 Business days.

All other components are anodized in black by default. 

Please note, hoses supplied with your order may vary from ones displayed in the pictures. We supply and assemble these based on supply’s availability. Quality will remain the same, cosmetic appearance may vary.


Product development insights:

This product was designed specific for R56 chassis with turbocharged engines (N14B16C, N18B16C), later product received supporting hardware to accommodate the R6X series with turbocharged engines (N18B16C)


With use of 3D scanning tools and CAD software, we determined the size of the available space behind the front upper grill. Design and size of the oil cooler accommodated all of the available space behind the front upper grill. No cutting or trimming required. Like everything else we design here, we are pursuing the goal to achieve fitment and cosmetic appearance to an OEM+ standard.

Oil cooler received a high-quality core, with CNC machined end tanks. Will point out few attentions to details. Size and inside volume at the end tanks are design to perfectly line up with oil cooler core fins, this allows a smooth oil flow passing with no sharp edges in the way. Beside utilizing a high-quality core, cooler design also features DUAL PASS flow, allowing the unit to operate more efficient while remaining compact.

Our oil cooler is paired to oil filter housing relocation kit and supports every R400 Full Frame Turbokit.



Product has validated its testing in race cars that compete in endurance racing events, time attack but also on street cars that are occasionally used on track. Depending on the ambient temperature, oil cooler will maintain oil temperature within 10-15 degree Celsius over coolant temperature during racing events.

We tested this kit this kit with an inline engine oil Thermostat, however the benefits from added cost to plumbing did not make up for the expected faster engine warm up cycle. Test was done here in British Columbia during colder season at 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. Considering the assembly design and oil lines sizing at -10AN, oil temperature warm up cycle on a daily driven streetcar will follow up to coolant temperature just as it would in stock form. Depending on the ambient temperature, 5-10 minutes’ drive with engine RPM's below 4500rpm, will see oil temperatures reaching to 50 to 60 degree Celsius.


Please note, we do recommend using an inline Thermostat if vehicle is operated during ambient temperatures below 0 degree Celsius, especially if vehicle is driven on long distance drives at highway speeds. This can be ordered thru us at additional cost.


This product holds a larger oil capacity over OEM unit, and it does dissipate heat more efficient. We recommend fitting this unit on vehicles that do participate in off road racing events and vehicles that are operated in high ambient temperatures. This upgrade will provide healthy engine oil temperature on all application types.

 Proudly Made in Canada