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Plug and Play Clutch Kit for Mini Cooper S/JCW N14B16C/N18B16C Engines

Product list supplied with default purchase order: 

  • Twin Plate Clutch Assembly with Flywheel
  • Release Bearing Assembly MN023-AJ60K
  • ARP Flywheel Bolts 101-2802

No Import Fees for USA Customers!

Important Note:  Please be advised that the clutch kit in question does not include a disks alignment tool. It is imperative that you procure your own tool for this purpose.

Proper alignment of the clutches is of utmost importance prior to installing the gearbox. 

Any form of side stress applied to the clutch disk can lead to premature damage of the spline teeth and bending of the disk.  It is crucial that you execute a flawless installation, ensuring no side loads from the gearbox are exerted on the disks.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that due to the specific nature of use associated with this clutch, OS Giken does not provide any warranty.

This product is designed solely for motorsport applications. Any errors that may occur during installation are solely your responsibility and no exceptions will be made in this regard.

However, in the event that your project does not go as planned, a serviceable kit is available at a reduced cost, offering a viable solution.

Based on our experience, this is the Toughest Clutch on the Market for Unmatched Performance and Daily Driving Experience:

This clutch is designed to provide exceptional performance while still being suitable for daily driving.

Performance and Testing: We have successfully fitted this clutch in all vehicles with torque exceeding 350ftlbs,, demonstrating its capability to handle up to 450ftlbs tq at the wheels. 

Smooth and Jerk-free Operation: Despite utilizing an unsprung disk, this clutch provides a smooth driving experience without any jerking during take-off. 

As the unit heats up, it becomes even quieter and smoother, enhancing the overall driving experience. 

Caution and Durability: It's important to note that this clutch offers no forgiveness for shifting errors, as it can result in broken flywheel bolts.

However, this showcases the clutch's exceptional durability and strength.

Break-in Period and Noise: During the initial break-in period, some noises may be present.

According to OS Giken, this clutch does not require a specific break-in period and can be taken straight to the race track.

There are specific noises during clutch engagement and take-off, similar to those found in Motorsport Bike Clutches and high-performance brakes on cold stops. These noises gradually disappear as the mileage increases, while the clutch's functionality remains unaffected.

Performance Highlights: This clutch shines during aggressive shifts, allowing for engagement of the next gear with just 60% clutch pedal pressure, regardless of RPM. - When it bites, it does so with full force, ensuring maximum performance and power delivery.

Conclusion: Very functional and robust clutch on the market surpassed all expectations, delivering unmatched performance while still being suitable for daily driving.

Consider the clutch's functionality and performance over any associated noises, as they diminish over time. 

From OS Giken:

STR Clutch line-up was designed to hold high capacity power while still retaining a relatively light clutch pedal. This technology was driven from our racer's demand for a lighter clutch during long endurance races in Japan. Heavy clutch pedals lead to driver fatigue during long endurance racing. 

The STR2C Twin plate feature solid hub clutch disks to provide efficient transfer of power while providing reliability and strength under heavy abuse. The end result is a quiet and reliable clutch set that will go years before needing overhaul.

The STR2C is good up to about 575 lbs ft torque maximum.

For pure motorsports use or dual purpose vehicles

Made in Japan