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RPM Power Engine Management



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MPI/BOOST BY GEAR package for Mini R56/R6X N14B16C/N18B16C Engines featuring Upgraded Turbocharger Systems for (300whp - 450whp)

Due to the complex craftsmanship involved, we kindly request you to send us an email to review your applications.  All the available options and features will be disclosed to customer. We can implement, MPI and Water/Methanol control in to the same package. Completion for a setup a like, may require up to 10 business days before delivery date.

Introducing our handcrafted in-house package, tailored to support from 300whp up to 450whp while maintaining exceptional drive-ability characteristics with an OEM+ fitment and functionality, this package seamlessly integrates into your vehicle.

Product list supplied with your order:

  • Port Injection Adapter Plate
  • Bosch Motorsport Injectors (Set of 4)
  • Upgraded Fuel Line to retrofit PI Adapter Plate to OEM Fuel System
  • MPI/Boost By Gear Electronics with Plug and Play In house prepared harness
  • Flex Fuel Sensor
  • Install Hardware (Bolts, zip ties, mounting brackets, etc)
  • Before Throttle Charge Pipe Kit (with clamps, and silicone couplers)
  • DME Base file to unlock MPI/Boost by Gear features (Up to 32psi)

Supporting hardware required to support our package:

  • High quality inter-cooler
  • High flow down-pipe
  • Full Frame Turbo-system from recognized Brands (No Exceptions)
  • Healthy engine state
  • External or Internal WG with Twin Port Control

Please note, this package comes with an Ethanol content sensor, this allow us to calibrate two maps for fuel tables based on desired ethanol control up to 30%.  Beside default boost by gear setup, it also supports multiple boost maps that can be changed on the fly.

What is the process to get tuned?

Regardless of being a new or existing customer, you will need to send your DME to us or one of our authorized dealers to have a MPI/Boost By Gear default map flashed to your DME. The base file flashed onto your DME enables a preliminary check by driving your vehicle before scheduling a full remote tuning session on the dyno. For further details on this process, please contact us directly.

For N14 customers only, the option to purchase a Powergate OBD programmer is available at This programmer enables DME flashing at the user's convenience with no needs to ship DME.

Proudly Made in Canada!

With supplies from USA