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RPM Power Engine Management



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Turbocharger upgrade for Mini R56/R6X N14/N18 Engines, 400WHP+ Capable with supporting hardware and Forged Engine.

"Certainly, due to the customizable nature of our R400TS Turbocharger upgrade, and to ensure we tailor this package to your exact needs, we kindly request you to contact us directly for orders. Please email us at This will allow us to provide personalized assistance and leverage our expertise to deliver the most efficient and satisfactory results for you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you upgrade your Mini driving experience to the next level"

Sincerely, Lorenzo L.

R400TS Turbocharger default features:

  • R400TS Billet Compressor Wheel, Grade 2618 Aluminum / 5-axis CNC machined, 48mm Full-Bladed Inducer (Compressor flow range at 2:1 PR: 9.5-42 lb/min - corrected),
  • R400TS Compressor Housing with Billet T6 6061 Ported Shroud (Compressor efficiency: 75%)
  • R400TS High-Flow Turbine Wheel w/ 4340 Chromoly Shaft, 54mm Inducer Diameter
  • Water-cooled, Ball bearing Cartridge, Integrated Oil Feed Restrictor and Oil Filter, Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls, M50 Bearing Rings,  Silver-plated 4340 Bearing Cages
  • R400TS Twin Scroll Hot side with Divided Exit to Twin Port External WG, 0.65AR
  • Assembled core and high-speed VSR balanced
  • 400WHP+ Capable with supporting hardware and additional fueling.
  • True plug and play install to OEM Twin Scroll Exhaust Manifold (Cooper S or JCW)
  • Cerakoated Hot Side in Jet Black as Default
  • Designed and Manufactured in Canada

Product supplied with purchase order:

  • R400TS Turbocharger Assembely With Jet Black Cerakoated HotSide
  • Charge Pipe with R400TS Silicone Couplers and Genuine Norma Hose Clamps Paired with Turbosmart BOV -
  • Charge Pipe With RPM Power Couplers - Retrofit to OEM Box or at extra charge for Velocity Stack Intake (Customer to specify in notes when placing order)
  • Turbosmart Gen V 40mm WG, 14PSI Default Spring -
  • Vacuum Hose with 5mm I.D. with Barb Fittings and Tee Fitting to Plumg WG and BOV
  • Coolant Line from Filter Housing to Turbocharger Coolant Pump - RPM POWER
  • Coolant Line from Turbocharger Coolant Pump to Turbocharger CHRA -RPM POWER
  • Coolant Line from Turbocharger CHRA to Tee from T Stat to OEM Overflow Tank - RPM POWER
  • Coolant Hose Clamps - Genuine OEM 11537560376
  • Engine Oil Feed Line from Short Block to Turbocharger CHRA - RPM POWER
  • Turbocharger Oil Drain - RPM POWER
  • Turbocharger Coolant Pump (Genuine OEM Mini) with SS 304 Laser Cut Mounting bracket featuring MAC Solenoid Support as well O2 Sensor 2 Mouting Sport for Connector - RPM POWER
  • Turbocharger to Exhaust Manifold seal - Genuine OEM 11657557013
  • Stud for Turbocharger to Exhaust Manifold - Genuine OEM 18307598251 (7)
  • Nuts for Turbocharger to Exhaust Manifold - Genuine OEM 11657559557 (4)
  • Nuts for Turbocharger to Downpipe - Genuine OEM 1830753746 (3)
  • Downpipe Flange Gasket - Genuine OEM 18307589503
  • Downpipe 2.5" Catted or Catless, Featuring Recirculated or Vented Wastegate Pipe (Motorsport/OFF Road Only) Customer to Specify the Downpipe Choice

Please be advised, to operate this Turbocharger kit, an external boost controller is required! OEM vacuum system does not support control for external wastegate, and due increased performance after R400TS a more advanced boost by gear, is very recommended!

At an additional cost, you have the option to purchase our MPI/Boost By Gear Package, which provides comprehensive support for the R400ts in terms of fuelling and boost management.

R400TS unit can operate up to 320whp+/- on the factory fuel system.  However, to unlock its full potential and allow the unit to reach maximum efficiency, additional fuel system upgrades are necessary. Or as minim as Water/Methanol Injection.

For the R400TS Turbocharger upgrade to operate at its maximum potential, the installation of a 3-inch downpipe and 3-inch catback is mandatory. By meeting these requirements, you can ensure optimal performance from your R400TS kit, providing you with an enhanced driving experience and the best possible results.

Product development insights:

Our R400TS Turbocharger upgrade offers a comprehensive and seamless solution for the Mini R56/55/57/58/61/61 Series, equipped with N14 and N18 Engines. This upgrade is designed for an OEM+ installation process, providing a cost-effective package that doesn’t compromise on driving experience. You can expect a responsive peak torque around 3500-3600rpm, which extends to the redline at 7000-7200rpm. This product is developed based on our seven years of experience building and tuning these cars, ensuring they perform reliably in the 350-450whp range. This makes it an ideal solution for both daily driving and weekend track warriors.

Key features of the R400TS Turbocharger Kit include its optimal compatibility with OEM twin-scroll exhaust.

It is also designed to fit most existing downpipes already on the market.

If you need to confirm the compatibility of your existing downpipe, please feel free to email us and we will assist you.

We have already successfully tested and confirmed compatibility with MQubed Motorsport Downpipe and CTS Turbo Downpipe. Please note that the kit does not work with Miltek Downpipe or similar downpipes featuring two bends after the flange, due to clearance issues with the external wastegate.

Moreover, we have conducted extensive testing on various setups including recirculating wastegate with 2.5’’ downpipe, vented wastegate with 2.5’’ downpipe, and 3-inch downpipe with both vented and recirculated wastegate. Our results show the optimal performance is achieved with a 3-inch downpipe and vented wastegate paired to a stock catted catback. The best results are yielded from a full 3-inch downpipe and 3-inch catback.

To further support the R400TS, we are in the process of designing a compatible 3" downpipe.

Stay tuned for this upcoming release!

Dyno graphs from various results will also be published as we gather more feedback from our clientele!

Things to highlight for boost control that will help you make the correct choice.

 If you choose to operate the R400TS Turbocharger kit with a simple boost controller that doesn't utilize tuning tables based on Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), Manifold Air Pressure (MAP), and Engine (RPM), you may not achieve the optimal boost control. This is due to the highly efficient exhaust pressure generated by the twin-scroll manifold. To elaborate on this, when you employ a basic boost controller to control the wastegate solenoid duty cycle only, it may not react appropriately to scenarios such as downshifts and wide-open throttle at high RPM. The high exhaust pressure generated in these situations could potentially open the wastegate too much, causing the boost pressure to drop below the levels achieved during full power pull tuning. The boost controller should be viewed as a tool to ensure efficient operation. For effective boost control, a minimum reference to RPM for the solenoid duty cycle is required. This allows the boost controller to react to the engine's operating conditions effectively, maintaining optimal boost levels throughout the RPM range. Therefore, we recommend using a boost controller that can utilize TPS, MAP, and RPM data for the most reliable and efficient results.

Proudly Engineered and Manufactured in Canada,

With supporting hardware from USA, Europe, Asia, Australia