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R300 Turbocharger

R300 Turbocharger

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Plug and Play Turbocharger upgrade for Mini R56/R6X N14B16C/N18B16C Engines

R300 Turbocharger default features:

  • R300 Billet T6 2618 Milled compressor 6+6 blade 
  • R300 Compressor housing with built in Anti Surge 
  • R300 Genuine BW High-Flow Turbine
  • Upgraded 360 Degree thrust bearing package 
  • Assembled core and high-speed VSR balanced
  • 300WHP Capable with supporting hardware and additional fueling
  • True plug and play install
  • Made in Canada

Product supplied with purchase order:

  • R300 Turbocharger only

Note: Turbo inlet O.D. 2" To be used with OEM JCW pre turbo intake without rubber grommet, or any other aftermarket intake featuring 2" I.D.

Warranty: 1 Year, Unlimited Mileage - Applies to Original Owner from the date of Purchase. 

    We recommend installing turbo with Genuine MINI install hardware.  Your can source them at your closest MINI Dealership, or you can order it directly form us. Send us an email.

    Part numbers to support install with fresh Genuine Mini parts:

    • (1) Oil Feed Line 11-65-7-534-454
    • (4) Crush Washers 07-11-9-963-151
    • (2) Banjo Bolts 07-11-9-905-176
    • (1) Oil Return Line w/ Clamp & Bolt 11-65-8-617-069
    • (1) Down-pipe Gasket 18-30-7-589-503
    • (1) Down-pipe Clamp 18-30-2-756-352
    • (1) Oil Filter Housing Seal Kit 11-42-8-643-758
    • (1) Oil Cooler to Oil Filter Housing Seal Set 11-42-8-643-747
    • (3) Turbo to Down Pipe Nut 18-30-7-583-746
    • (3) Turbo to Down Pipe Stud 18-30-7-598-251
    • (4) Turbo to Manifold Nut 11-65-7-559-557
    • (4) Turbo Stud to Manifold 11-65-7-605-340
    • (1) Cooper S Turbo to Manifold Seal1-65-7-557-013
    • (1) Cooper S Exhaust Turbo Manifold Gasket 11-62-7-626-106
    • (2) Turbo Coolant Lines Hollow Bolt 07-11-9-905-973
    • (4) Crush Washer 07-11-9-963-201
    • (10) Turbo Manifold Nuts 11-62-7-588-104
    • (10) Manifold Studs 11-62-7-583-110


    Product development insights:

    You may ask, what is it special about this unit? Every R300 unit starts with a Genuine BorgWarner turbocharger as a core part. Beside engineering steps that went in to the development of this product, core cost alone does affect the final pricing. We use genuine BW products to ensure longevity and performance to match OEM standards.

    R300 product development featured various testing with different configurations for turbine sizing as well compressor wheel sizing. Task for this product was to achieve quick spool without any lag while delivering torque through the entire power band. Development process involved different vehicles with different engines and transmissions. Manual Hardtop N14, Automatic Hardtop N14, Automatic AWD N18, Automatic FWD N18, Manual AWD N18.  Stock engine and built engine with cylinder head work. Each application was individually scoped and further supported with DME calibration. 

    With product knowledge on the platform, there are known limitations from DME and stock fuel system that did play a role to the project approach. R300 performance enhancement was validated thru various configurations pursuing peak efficiency within OEM Fueling and DME firmware capabilities. 

    Final design was settled with a enhanced compressor housing featuring a ported shroud with a built in anti surge. Rotating assembly is supported on Genuine BW 360 degree journal bearing cartridge featuring Genuine BW 9 Blade high flow turbine wheel paired to a custom tailored compressor wheel. This configuration validated results with excellent low engine rpm response that exceeded OEM characteristics but also caring power all the way to rev limiter.

    All machine work is performed with use of  CNC turning and milling machines to deliver highest precision and blueprint consistency from unit to unit during production. 


    For tuning notes:

    R300 unit is capable of delivering 260whp and 260 ft-lbs wtq at 19psi with ignition timing calibrated for 93 Octane fuel on stock engine fwd chassis. Mandatory supporting hardware, high quality intercooler, high flow downpipe and for minim high flow panel filer. Optimal results were achieved on a forged N14 engine with 10.5:1 CR , stock ports on the cylinder head but with upgraded springs and camshafts, at 19psi we achieved 280whp and 260 w ft-lbs tq before upsetting the stock fuel system with conservative timing due to high CR. At 22psi on the same engine we achieved 297whp and 294 ft lbs tq but hitting fuel limitations in higher rpms. Similar tests on AWD R6X chassis give onto fuel limitations already at 242 awhp and 258 ft-lbs awtq. With fueling system upgrades (Port injectors, billet intake manifold and mpi electronics) we achieved 285awhp and 310 ft-lbs awtq on stock N18 engine (AWD Chassis), and same test was done on FWD chassis, we achieved 300whp and 273ftlbs torque. AWD vehicle is our shop vehicle, so we pushed the torque past safe factor, and FWD vehicle was customer vehicle, where we kept torque lower for safety reasons.

    In conclusion, R300 unit can easily deliver 280 Ft-lbs wheel torque at 3000/3200 rpm. With  additional fueling support and hardware that improve engine VE, this unit will exceed 300whp. 

    As default DME firmware and OEM MAP/Boost Sensors, tuning is limited to 22.5psi/255kpa. Considering fuel limitation factor, there is no justification to upgrade sensors to support higher boost as fuel limitation comes in place earlier than 22.5psi.  In order to operate R300 to boost levels past 22.5psi, fuel system upgrade required prior dme and sensors upgrade.

    Please note: Vehicles that participated to R300 development, had engines tested at 5% leak down across all cylinders. We cannot estimate the state of health of your engine and supporting hardware, we do our best to assist and guide customers to achieve optimal results within conservative margins. 

    In order to avoid stock engine damage and safe operation, a correct DME tuning strategy must be applied. This unit is capable of bending or breaking OEM connecting rods. If you plan on fitting this turbo to a stock motor with high mileage, try this at your own risk. We do not recommend exceeding 19/20psi on a stock engine.


     Proudly Made in Canada, with BW Core imported from Hungary