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Plug and Play Billet Valve Cover for Mini R56 N14B16C Engine

Limited quantities in stock.

Made to fit all N14B16C Cooper S/JCW motors from 2007-2012. Entire valve cover with all PCV components are fully machined from billet aluminum T6 6061.

Please note, retail price for this product is reflecting manufacturing cost and T6 6061 material pricing. This is subject to change depending on the material cost during manufacturing.

Can be used with or without PCV system to suit any application.

Product list supplied with default purchase order:

  • CNC machined valve cover
  • Genuine OEM valve cover gasket
  • Install hardware(in stainless steel)
  • PCV Install hardware to accommodate OEM intake manifold or aftermarket
  • Breather ports with AN fittings to accommodate any pre turbo intake

Oil Cap Features Viton O-ring, for a leak free and long service interval experience. Aluminum wiring cover features guide pins for a precise fitment.

PCV System features an enhanced design supporting full functionality to match OEM requirements meanwhile capable to handle any level of pressure bleed from Intake Manifold during high boost back to PCV valve. We also implemented a self draining dual pass baffle tailored to reduce air speed trapping as much oil as possible inside valve cover and not letting it escape thru breather ports.

Fully designed from scratch featuring a seamless design, delivering life time quality!

At extra charge, we can anodize this item in any color available from our local source! Lead time will increase, it may take up to 10 business days after order was placed.

Anodizing price is extra 240USD, email to inquire.


Product development insights:

During development, we tested this product without PCV system. First design featured two breather ports venting crankcase pressure to a vented catch can system. Test was performed on a daily driven vehicle with a healthy motor, and on a vehicle used for racing events only. Daily driven vehicle changed its behavior as the mileage went up. It started to carry a very light smell from the exhaust, like an oil burning smell. As mileage went up, oil burning smell become unsustainable. During traffic stops we noticed puffs of smoke from exhaust during take off. On the racing vehicle, vented crankcase system to catch can worked really well. This led us to further investigate the crankcase pressure behavior.

In conclusion, if you use your vehicle on daily bases, PCV system must be used like known in default form on OEM vehicles in order to support a healthy engine operation in various condition. Eliminating PCV system on a daily driven vehicle will lead to premature engine seals damage and never ending oil leaks. The crankcase pressure at low engine speeds and during idle operation it needs to be vacuum assisted(in controlled matter) in order to escape crankcase, there is a lot more in to it!

If you are concern about oil fumes reaching inside intake manifold and carbon deposits around intake valves, this product offers an easy pluming solution for any Catch Can  that features AN fittings. We recommend pluming Catch Can on the intake manifold side prior pluming a Catch Can on the breather side. After few years of feedback while monitoring catch cans on the shop vehicle, we noticed more deposits on the intake manifold side compared to the breather side to turbo inlet. 80% to 20% ratio relatively speaking.

Also note, if you end up using a catch can system, you have to monitor it on weekly bases especially during cold weather, you will notice some nasty oil water cocktails in the catch can. If you live in a cold climate area and drive your vehicle thru the winter, we advice to utilize catch cans that feature heating elements inside to dry out the moisture deposits and avoid pluming freezing, do not run any regular catch cans in order to avoid pluming lines freezing or catch can freezing.

You can also consider long term investment in to installing W/M (water/methanol) or port fueling to eliminate any carbon build up at the intake valves regardless if you have catch can or not, some oil deposits inside charge system are acceptable. It becomes excessive if engine has excessive blow by(piston rings wear)

This will be the last Valve Cover you will ever buy, Lifetime Quality

Proudly Made in Canada, with material imported from USA