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CP Carrillo High Performance Pistons for Mini Cooper S/JCW N14B16C/N18B16C Engines

What comes with the order:

  • CP Piston & Ring Set for Mini Cooper S/JCW N14/N18 engines - Bore (77.5mm) - CR (10:1) - Set of 4 w/ rings & hardware

All pistons come with the skirt coating in Moly Dry film. This is a new piston design that can be used in N14 or N18 engines. They can be ordered through us or Detroit Tuned only.  

Please note, at extra cost these pistons are also available with ceramic coated crowns, please email to check availability.

Coating Features Explained:

  • Skirt Coat / Moly Dry Film Coating: This is the most popular (and highly recommended) coating. The application of molybdenum to the piston skirt is used to reduce friction between the piston and the cylinder during engine operation. It also helps during cold startups and high temperature operation where a substandard oil barrier on the cylinder wall could exist. This option will really help with wear and overall engine noise
  • Ceramic Crown Coating: This coating reflects heat into the combustion chamber and away from the piston crown, while lowering piston temperatures for increased part life. The engine can experience improved combustion and performance as a result of heat being reflected back into the fuel charge. This coating is optional.

Product insights:

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel here. If you are reading this, most likely you are in the market for pistons and there are many choices to go with. With product knowledge in place and years of experience assembling these engines, we have mastered the N14B16C and N18B16C Engines. We have built and tuned various engine configurations, with various compression ratios, camshafts, head work, turbo configurations and fuel types. When it comes to bottom end configuration the main question is, what compression ratio I should go with? We have tested these engines with CR’s of 10,5:1, 10.25:1, 10:1, 9.7:1, and 9.5:1. We have collected data from each setup and found that they all have their pros and cons. Higher CR applications have great response at lower rpm and outside of boost, however when using 93/94 Octane fuel, ignition timing is knock limited once you go past 20-21PSI of boost. This CR works well with methanol port injection and Ethanol Blends past E30%. If you plan to use pump gas alone and are wanting to run higher boost pressures, it is recommended to use a lower CR. On the engines with lower compression ratios the response off boost during spool up can be lazy. Especially on larger turbo applications. Once you are into boost, you can’t tell the difference. On the tuning side of things, a lower CR is more resistant to detonation and allows you to reach the ideal timing value or MBT. For example, an engine with 9.7:1CR responded very well to tuning on 93 Octane and 10% Ethanol which delivered 300ft-lbs tq and 403whp at 23PSI.While the same hardware/fuel configuration with 10.5:1CR delivered 375whp and 280ft-lbs tq at 19PSI because it was knock limited.Analyzing DME data and dyno results, based on our experience a 10:1 CR showed favorable results when using 93 Octane only. 

In cooperation with CP Carrillo and Detroit Tuned, we manufactured these custom pistons for the N14/N18 which suited our specific needs, and also made it available to you!

CP Carrillo is a division of Pankl Racing Systems, a high-technology racing group supplying engine and suspension components to numerous Formula One, F3000, IRL, CART, World Rally Racing teams and to such elite companies as Ferrari and Porsche. CP forged pistons feature superb ring seal, higher vacuum, lower blow-by, greater durability and increased horsepower and torque through the power band. Better yet, peak horsepower is retained through the life of the piston rings. This is achieved by lightweight forgings and CP's exclusive machining techniques and processes. CP's commitment to racing is reflected in every piston they produce. CP is dedicated to superior engineering, utilizing the latest forging techniques and CNC machinery and backing it up with rigorous quality control; it makes for a top-notch product every time that emphasizes performance and reliability. CP has some of the highest quality control standards in the industry.

Features and Dimensions:

  • Bore (in): 3.307 in. or 3.327 in.
  • Bore (mm): 77mm or 77.5 mm
  • Piston Style: Dish, with no valve reliefs
  • Piston Material: Forged aluminum
  • Compression Distance (in): 1.043 in.
  • Piston Head Volume (cc): +1.70cc
  • Wrist Pin Style: Press-fit or floating
  • Pin Diameter (in): 0.827 in.
  • Gapless: No
  • File Fit: No
  • Top Ring Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Top Ring Material: Steel
  • Second Ring Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Second Ring Material: Cast iron
  • Oil Ring Thickness: 2.8mm
  • High-strength aluminum forgings
  • Super lightweight design
  • Fully CNC machined and balanced to +/- 1 gram
  • Include wrist pins
  • Accumulator groove included
  • Double pin oilers, force fed from oil ring
  • High performance rings
  • Pick grooves for easy lock removal
  • Custom skirt and barrel design

Special noteworthy features:

  • Anti-Detonation Grooves: Grooves that protect the top ring by disrupting detonation waves. These grooves limit the piston/cylinder contact during high temperature and RPM and are also known as contact reduction grooves.
  • Accumulator Groove: A V-shaped groove machined in the second ring land to collect excess blow-by between the top and second ring. This groove collects residual gases during combustion and alleviates top ring flutter while increasing ring seal.
  • CP groove: Stands for Constant Pressure Groove. This groove works as a channel on the lower part of the top land that equalizes pressure to the back of the top ring groove. When used in combination with lateral gas ports, the CP groove helps keep gas ports clear of carbon buildup. In addition, the CP groove prevents the top land from smudging into the top ring if the land rubs the cylinder bore.
  • Double Pin Oilers: In conjunction with their dual fed reservoir add twice the amount of oil from the cylinder wall to the wrist pin.
  • Cam and Barrel: Extensive research and development has been done to find the optimum skirt shape for each piston. Having the correct cam and barrel on a part promotes the following: tighter clearances, less noise, better ring seal, more power, and durability. Depending on the forging and application, different cam and barrel profiles are utilized for maximum performance.

 Proudly Made in USA