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This is the largest and most functional air intake that you could fit on these cars.


What comes with your order:

  • K&N High flow air filter
  • Stainless steel air filter bracket
  • Velocity stack
  • PCV Retrofit Hardware(AN Fittings) for N14 or N18 engine (Specify in the notes with your order)
  • Charge pipe (Powder coated in black)
  • Aeroflow Silicone Couplers
  • Norma hose clamps ( Total of 4)
  • PCV resistor pack (for N18 only)
  • Coupler options, 2"-2.75"- 3" (Specify in the notes with your order)
  • Additional mounting bracket for automatic vehicles (Specify in the notes with your order)

All DME found in the North American vehicles with N14/N18 engines, feature MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor), this can not be removed thru software as it brakes down the Closed Loop operation from DME. On a heavy modified application, engine bay becomes space limited. We needed this product to support our R400 Turbokit as well Billet Intake Manifold as it takes all of the space from were OEM intake used to be mounted.

Like everything else we do here, quality and functionality is fundamental for this product.  With use of modern technology, entire engine bay got 3D Scanned.  After locating critical points for mounting and charge pipe routing, final design received a tailored Velocity Stack that blends in to the MAF.  AIR RAM that connects to OEM cold air feed duct. Precise mounting support complementing a high quality install with an OEM plus touch.

This intake supports to over 600HP without any flow restrictions while paired to MAF!


Product development insights:

You may say or think of it like "hot air intake?" we did too, until further testing.

First design for this product featured an enclosed box connected to OEM cold air feed duct (3D Printed Version). We used the dyno to do some testing, and learned that in order to support an enclosed airbox for high HP application, size of the box is critical! Also, MAF location is very critical(a lot more in to it) Due to complexity of the design and space limitation, unfortunately the air intake position remained to be kept at the back side of the engine, and this made it very challenging to accommodate an enclosed box configuration. Meanwhile the open filter design was the only option for a tight fitment, we decided to continue use of the OEM duct by retrofitting an AIR RAM guiding airflow directly in to the bottom of the open filter. Design approved itself better than expected. During heavy loads and high vehicle speeds, Intake Temperature remained within 10 degree Celsius over ambient temperature. If you remain stationary or moving slow in traffic, intake temperature will reach engine bay temperature, regardless of what style air intake you may use.

In conclusion, on a turbocharged vehicle, air flow and mass feeding the turbo wins over slightly colder air temperature. In a perfect world you would want the turbo inlet outside the engine bay, exposed to direct air flow, but this is not the case.

A high quality intercooler will offer more benefits controlling air temperatures after the turbo over a complicated cold air intake design feeding air to the turbo. In most cases where intercooler sizing becomes limited by space, a proven way to control and maintain Intake Temperatures at or below ambient temperature is to fit W/M(water/methanol) injection.  

We also tested this intake on various applications from stock to upgraded hybrid turbos, and there were impressive gains for every case.

This product was not intended to be offered outside our R400 Turbokit, but many people asked for it, so we made it available for everyone!

And a bonus, lots of boost noises! Even with OEM Diverter Valve!

Attached Dyno Graph features an example test on a mild hybrid, comparison back to back over a good known brand cold air intake on a dyno. Stationary test, with closed hood. R400 Intake delivered gains across entire power band!


 Proudly Made in Canada, with supporting hardware from Australia